Property Management And Development Software: What Features Should You Look For?

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A property development company is only as good as the software it runs on. That’s why it’s so important for any development company to invest in powerful, reliable property development and management software. When you’re evaluating a piece of software, these are a few of the features that you should be looking for:

Accounting Features

Your software should include features that assist you with your ledger. From monitoring payable to keeping an eye on rent rolls, your software should make it easy for you to stay on top of your finances. With the right software, you’ll know how much money you have and how that money is being spent.

Budgeting Features

In the world of property development, you need to be able to set a budget and stick to it. The right software such as the one offered by will be able to look at past data, like lease information, and will use that data to set reasonable budgets for various expenses.

Forecasting Features

It’s not possible to see into the future, but it is possible to predict it. The best property development software will provide you with access to powerful forecasting tools. Your software will deliver revenue projections as well as expense predictions. You’ll be able to use this data to make fiscally responsible decisions.

Performance Reporting Tools

If you need to generate a performance report, your software should allow you to do that with ease. Because your software will track so many different things, you will be able to generate a detailed and accurate report in a manner of minutes.

Tenant Tracking Features

In addition to tracking your finances, your software should help you to keep track of tenants. You should be able to automate and track the entire leasing process. Tenant tracking will allow you to plan for vacancies and manage move-out plans.

Building Maintenance Features

An essential part of managing a building is maintenance. With the right management and development software, you’ll be able to schedule preventative maintenance ahead of time. You’ll be able to keep your building or buildings in excellent condition.

Maintenance features can also make it easier for you to maintain an open line of communication with your maintenance staff. Staffers will be able to see work orders and alerts. These features can keep your buildings running smoothly.

A Tenant Portal

You may not be the only one that’s getting real utility out of your software. Many programs also provide features that are designed to be used by tenants. Your software should provide you with the tools you need to set up some sort of tenant portal.

Having a portal like this can reduce the number of phone calls or in-office visits you receive from tenants. Your tenants will be able to get answers or complete basic tasks online.

You need to make sure that your property development software does everything that you need it to do and more. Carefully evaluate any software that you’re considering. Find out whether or not the software offers the features that you need. Purchase software that will help you to efficiently manage all of your properties.